Monday, June 4, 2012

Lucking Out with New Challenges...

This past weekend there were three new challenges.   The first was to Smash something 'handmade'.  The second was to Smash a photo.  The third was a bit harder and was supposed to include all three Smashable items, which were something handmade, washi tape and a tag.  Luckily for me, when I finished my page, I'd done all three challenges at one time.  

The handmade item is a card by Sue B.  I love her cards and especially loved the colors in this card, so I used it because I wanted to keep it nice.  I figured it would be safe in my Smash book.  The photo is a recent picture of my daughter and grandchildren in a nifty little metal frame.  My friend, Lori W. sent me the really cool tag maker! It's from Making Memories!  Thanks, Lori!   There's green washi tape at the top and bottom of the page.

The card has been turned into a little book of sorts.  It's got three for Cait, one for Sy and one for baby Charleen.  Each page has a list of qualities that I love in each of them.

I absolutely adore how this page turned out!  LOVE IT!  I love the colors, the layout and how it all just kind of blended together to make a lovely, sentimental page.

What do you think?  Comments, thoughts or suggestions are welcome!  Thanks for reading!

Happy Smashing!

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