Saturday, June 9, 2012

      Another weekend, another Smash challenge....  This weekend's challenges were to use a banner, pennant, flag (one, two or all three) and the color PINK.   This was a fun page to do, but it also really sentimental for me.   This page goes in the Smash book I'm creating for my grandkids so they will have some kind of way to look back on their grandparents some day. The whole book is massively sentimental to me. This page was really kind of hard to do since it's my childhood home when we moved in in 1966 and again 40 years later in 2006.  I haven't lived there since 1978.  The original photo was taken by me at age 6. It's blurry, but I didn't care. It was something I did as a kid and I wanted my grandkids to have that little piece of me. It's got all the challenge items and I loved making the little house in pinks!  There's a little bit of journaling on the backs of each photo... just kind of explains the pics with dates.

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