Saturday, May 26, 2012

Another weekend... Another Challenge!

The start of Summer brought a couple of challenges my way... one was the heat and humidity.  I freaking hate it.  I hate summer time.  I say it a million times every season.  I just hate it...  so to combat the muggies, I Smashed the weekend away for the most part.

Here's two challenges from the Smash*holics group on Facebook.

Challenge #4  was to smash someone special.  I chose my husband, Tom.  He doesn't get enough credit for what he does most of the time.  He's smart... really smart, funny and pretty darn creative.   He helped me smash to complete this challenge.

The GEEK sign actually lights up when the button is pushed.  It's pretty cool!  

I also completed the fifth challenge for the group which was to use washi tape, felt and a button.  I kept with the "Tom" theme and smashed a couple of photos of him with our adorable grandson, Syrus.  I also had a few photos of Tom doing things he loves and tied those photos with Tom's Top Ten list of things he likes.   The photos of Tom and Syrus flip up for some hidden journaling.  

It was a fun Smashing weekend so far.  There's one more challenge to take place tomorrow.  I'll probably end up doing that one, too.   I'm happy to Smash with my BFFs....  Tom and the AC!   

Happy Smashing!

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